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Boaz Patt-Shamir visited Pierre Fraigniuad at IRIF,  March 2019.


Vianney Perchet visited Yishay Mansour at Tel-Aviv University, November 2019.

Tova Milo visited Serge Abiteboul, December 2019.

Spyros Angelopoulos visited Tel-Aviv University, October 2022.

Boaz Patt-Shamir visited IRIF, November 2022.

Zvi Lotker visited IRIF, November 2022.




Adi Rosén stayed at FILOFOCS from January 2021 until December 2022.

Amos Korman stayed at FILOFOCS from May 2021 until December 2023.

Simon Mauras was a postdoc under the supervision of Michal Feldman, starting February 2022. In conjunction with FILOFOCS.

Last updated February 2023

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